Together We are Giving Back

Giving Back

As we inch closer to Christmas, giving is top of mind for most people. One way you can give back to your community is through donating to and/or volunteering with Blessings of Hope

Blessings of Hope bridges the gap between food surplus and people in need. Our goal is to feed the hungry while reducing the amount of good food being wasted annually. An estimated 30-40% of food produced in America is wasted, adding up to over 60 million tons of food wasted each year. We can’t achieve this goal without our amazing partners who help make it happen. We partner with:

food suppliers who donate surplus food,

volunteers who sort produce, repackage food into manageable sizes, stock shelves, freeze and sort food, and pack boxes for efficient distribution,

partner ministries who distribute the food to the people who need it, and

financial donors who provide funding.

Blessings of Hope acquires surplus food donations from 200+ sources based on current needs and processing ability. We transport all donations to our warehouse and processing center where food is repackaged, sorted, frozen, and dehydrated for use. We then distribute the food to partner ministries via our selection centers, pre-packed boxes, or outreach events. Partner ministries share the food directly with their communities.

Season for Giving

As you deck your halls and trim your trees, we hope you will also give to your neighbors to ensure they have a merrier Christmas. Click HERE to give a one time or recurring gift today or HERE to sign up for a volunteer shift. We are grateful for your help!

Happy Holidays!

Blessings of Hope

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