Help Us Turn Excess Into Impact

The problem isn’t a lack of food; it’s a way to get food that’s already available to the people who need it most.

Join us in empowering communities by transforming food surplus into positive impact.

Play our video to learn more

Play our video to learn more

Get to the Heart of the Problem

We see people struggling all around us, either from lack of food or from the financial burden that food costs create. And yet literally truckloads of food get thrown away every day…

We know this shouldn’t be happening, but at the same time, we don’t have any idea how to tackle the problem – at least not at a scale that would make any real impact.

Personal changes and local efforts are great, but do little to tackle the larger problem. That’s why Blessings of Hope has developed our unique system to bridge the gap between large-scale surplus and large-scale need in a way that makes a lasting difference.

Be a part of our simple, innovative 3-step process


Use our established infrastructure to acquire surplus, market-quality food from producers and retailers before it can go to waste.


Our volunteers sort, prepare, and package the food to transform it for efficient delivery to the communities and places with the greatest need.


Work through our network of partner ministries to distribute the food in a way that can have the greatest impact – becoming not just a handout, but a tool to bring Hope to the community.

The Impact of Our Hope


Every day, Blessings of Hope Partner Ministries provide the equivalent of over 50,000 meals to people in need.


Blessings of Hope receives food from over 200 sources.


Blessings of Hope provided food to 1,428 partner ministries in 2023.


In 2023, Blessings of Hope volunteers provided over 170,000 hours of service.


"Many times the product you have made available has been something that our refugee friends have missed from their native country, and they wonder how on earth could we find it here in America? And I know it’s the Lord reaching out and blessing them.  Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to reach a hurting world!"
Partner Ministry
"Everything is so well organized, especially considering the scope of operations. I really appreciate how everyone seems to cooperate to get the work done efficiently."
"Savencia Cheese USA is proud to partner with Blessings of Hope to feed the hungry. They have built an organization that is efficient and easy for food manufacturers to work with. To know that our contribution of product may have impacted a person or family who could not afford the next meal is both humbling and rewarding."
Food Supplier

How to Get Involved

Begin making an impact on food waste and insecurity today!

Make a Financial Gift

Giving a financial gift to help Blessings of Hope continue its programs is an effective way to be a part of our efforts. Blessings of Hope is a self-sustaining enterprise, so your money will go directly to extend our programs.