The Blessings of Hope Process

Our innovative process allows us to empower ministries to bring Hope to their communities by bridging the gap between food surplus and people in need.


We establish partnerships with:

  • Food suppliers who have surplus food
  • Volunteers who help process the food
  • Partner Ministries who distribute food to people in need
  • Financial Donors who provide funding


Blessings of Hope accepts surplus food donations based on current needs and processing ability and transports the donations to our warehouse and processing center.


Food is transformed into convenient forms for families to use. This could include repackaging, sorting, freezing, or dehydrating.


Food is then provided to partner ministries through selection centers, pre-packed boxes, or outreaches. Partner Ministries share the food with their communities.


Our goal is to continually improve efficiency and expand our offerings to feed the hungry and reduce the amount of good food being wasted every year. 

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