Partnering with Blessings of Hope

Join us as we bring Hope to communities through addressing food insecurity!

Together We Can Do More!

Blessings of Hope is a nonprofit organization committed to addressing today’s global food crisis through dedicated food distribution efforts. Large corporations can efficiently donate food through Blessings of Hope to give back to the community and people in need.

Our ability to process and distribute the equivalent of 1.6 million meals each month empowers regional ministries, churches, disaster relief organizations, and food banks to serve their local communities by feeding the hungry and sharing the love of Jesus. 

Options for Partner Ministries

We have a number of ways partner ministries can get food to people in need in their community.

Hands of Hope Boxes

We offer beautiful pre-packed food boxes with quality foods and a Gospel of John booklet for a message of hope. Hands of Hope food boxes empower you or your organization to serve the community in a tangible way.

Ministry Selection Centers

To effectively serve our Partner Ministries, we set up large Ministry Selection Centers where you can select the items needed for your nonprofit ministry. Sign up to become a Partner Ministry and select food at our Ministry Selection Centers.


Sharing Hope Vouchers

Our Sharing Hope Voucher Program is designed to empower communities to bless families or individuals who are struggling with food insecurity and facing hardships. Each voucher grants the bearer access to our Ministry Selection Center to fill 1 box with anything on display.

Delivery Options

We deliver food and other products for partner ministries, individuals, and businesses who are reaching out to the community and distributing food at no cost to the recipient.

If you have any questions contact Ministry Relations:

717-824-1227 ext. 1004

All food selected by our Partner Ministries and Non-Profit Organizations is to be given away in good faith at no cost to the recipients. Food received from Blessings of Hope is not to be sold or bartered for any reason.

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