Hands of Hope Boxes

One easy way for ministries to get food out to people in need is by using our Hands of Hope Box program. We offer prepackaged food boxes (approximately 30 – 40 pounds of food) for a small handling fee per box to help cover the cost of packing the box. These boxes are beautifully packed with quality foods and a Gospel of John booklet for a message of hope. Hands of Hope food boxes empower you or your organization to serve the community in a tangible way.

Ministries wanting to get involved in the Hands of Hope Box program have two options:

  1. Purchase boxes for your organization to distribute
  2. Sponsor boxes that Blessings of Hope will distribute

Purchasing Boxes

Your boxes will be pre-packed with the food items we have currently available, including a nice assortment of fresh and shelf-stable foods. Boxes are not able to be customized.

While most of the food in the box is in-date food, we do distribute food past the “best by” date on the package. Please check out this link for more information on product dating. https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/food-safety-education/get-answers/food-safety-fact-sheets/food-labeling/food-product-dating/food-product-dating

Please pre-order boxes one week in advance to ensure they will be packed and ready to go.

Boxes are available for pickup at our Ministry Selection Centers or check out our Delivery Options.

Please note, these food boxes are not for your own personal use, but are to be given, at no cost, to an individual or family in your community that you believe qualifies as low income or is in need of food assistance.

Sponsoring Boxes

If your ministry would like to be a part of helping people struggling with food insecurity, but does not have the capacity to manage an outreach, you can sponsor boxes that Blessings of Hope will distribute. We will send the boxes to ministries and churches who are serving people in need.

Purchasing sponsored boxes is the same procedure as purchasing box for distribution, but during the checkout process, you can select the option to sponsor.

Ordering By Phone

If you would prefer to order by phone, call 717-824-1227 ext. 1004

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