Supplying Food to Blessings of Hope

At Blessings of Hope our current suppliers include retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, and large distribution centers. By donating surplus food to Blessings of Hope you can join hundreds of organizations to help reduce food waste and supply high-quality food to the hungry and hurting in our communities.

We accept donations of both food and nonfood items. Blessings of Hope has facilities that include refrigerators, freezers, square footage to store bulk donations and volunteer areas for repackaging food in preparation for distribution. Some examples of donations include toiletries, produce, meat, milk, dry goods, bottled water, frozen and refrigerated items.

Blessings of Hope has an efficient fleet of trucks across a large distribution network to facilitate pick up for large donations.

We are happy to receive donations at our docks, by appointment only. We will provide donation receipts upon request. Would you like to donate product, but you are not sure it is something we would be interested in? We review every opportunity. Please reach out today.

Por favor, envíanos un mensaje de texto habla Español porque no temenos un intérprete en plantilla.

Let’s partner to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you kindly for your donations!

Four Seasons Produce

Four Seasons partnership with Blessings of Hope has been a huge “blessing” over the years, giving us the satisfaction of knowing that we can help provide for those in need simply by giving produce to an organization with a distribution network that does this very well. Interacting with the staff has always been a very pleasant experience. It is comforting to know that since Blessings of Hope shares Gospel literature with food recipients, we are also helping to reach out to share the good news of Jesus Christ in this way.


Savencia Cheese USA

Savencia Cheese USA is proud to partner with Blessings of Hope to feed the hungry.  They have built an organization that is efficient and easy for food manufacturers to work with.  To know that our contribution of product may have impacted a person or family who could not afford the next meal is both humbling and rewarding.  Savencia Cheese USA is grateful for the continued work of Blessings of Hope and thankful for our partnership.



The great work that Blessings of Hope is doing is inspiring, and is making a wonderful impact on so many lives.  Using our resources to give back to those in need here in our local community lines right up with our corporate purpose, and our partnership with Blessings of Hope doesn’t just bless those who receive it, it also blesses our entire Team, through act of giving.

– Judy

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