Sharing Hope Vouchers

The Sharing Hope Voucher Program is designed to empower communities to bless families or individuals who are struggling with food insecurity and facing hardships. All food is given away in good faith at no cost. Food received from Blessings of Hope may not be sold, bartered or consumed by the sponsor for any reason. 

Sharing Hope Voucher Packets contain 10 vouchers and can be purchased for $250 for distribution to at-risk families/individuals who are then able to visit one of our Ministry Selection Centers. Each voucher can be redeemed for a box of food selected at one of our Ministry Selection Centers. A box can generally hold 40-50 pounds of food valued at more than $150 and can feed a family of 4 for several days. 

Sponsor Vouchers

Blessings of Hope is making the Sharing Hope Voucher program available to donors/sponsors outside our local areas. You can sponsor voucher packets and allow Blessings of Hope to distribute the vouchers to those in need within reach of the Ministry Selection Centers.

Sponsoring voucher packs is the same procedure as purchasing voucher packs for distribution, but during the checkout process, you can select the option to sponsor.

Purchase Vouchers

If you would like to distribute vouchers to people you know who are in need, you can purchase voucher packets.

Packets can be mailed to your address or picked up at one of our Ministry Selection Centers.

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