The Impact of a Gallon of Milk

Celebrating National Dairy Month with Blessings of Hope and 97 Milk

Blessings of Hope has always understood the value of a meal, the strength of a strong community, and the miracle of a giving spirit. Today, we are sharing a story with you that illustrates the impact of our collaboration with 97 Milk in the lives of families in America.  

June is National Dairy Month, a time to appreciate the wholesome nutrition of dairy, especially milk, which is a staple in many households and a regular part of our Hands of Hope food boxes. Blessings of Hope has partnered with 97 Milk—a dedicated grassroots committee of dairy farmers and agri-business professionals—to ensure that the nourishment of whole milk reaches those who need it most. This partnership has enabled Blessings of Hope to donate milk to partner ministries and include gallons of milk in our food boxes, bringing hope to families who struggle to afford such basic necessities. 

Not long ago we received this testimony from one of the families we serve. A 13-year-old boy, despite falling short by just $0.75, couldn’t afford to purchase the milk his family needed for lunch. He returned home discouraged, only to find a surprise waiting for him. A heavy brown box handed to him by a kind stranger, turned out to be one of our Hands of Hope food boxes. Inside was a gallon of milk, nestled in among the other food items. The joy and relief this simple gallon of milk brought to his family were priceless. This story underscores the mission of Blessings of Hope, to be the hands and feet of Jesus by spreading hope through food.

Every donation to our Milk Fund goes toward sourcing more milk from our friends at 97 Milk, preventing tankers of milk from going to waste and ensuring it reaches the hands that truly need it. As we celebrate National Dairy Month, we hope this story reminds you of the immense difference your support makes in the lives of families across America. Let’s keep making these happy moments a reality, one gallon of milk at a time.

Thank you for being part of this journey to share the Gospel and love of Jesus through food. Here’s to another successful Dairy Month, and many more to come!

Celebrating together,

Blessings of Hope

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