Still Celebrating July 4!

Special July 4 greetings from Blessings of Hope. This is a beautiful time of year marked by fireworks, gatherings with friends and family, hot dogs, watermelon and fun. It is a time to celebrate our great country’s freedom and resilience. We hope you enjoyed it with your loved ones.

Today, Blessings of Hope is excited to announce the release of new merch that has created quite a buzz with our staff. The new merch has been dubbed Hope T-shirts and was designed in house by our very own Lori Glick! The mission of Blessings of Hope from the beginning has been to spread hope and that is exactly what is reflected in these brand new t-shirts. They are more than shirts, they are wearable emblems of Hope, Love, Unity, and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ! These shirts serve as a reminder of strength and love within the community surrounding Blessings of Hope.

Every purchase of a Hope T-shirt contributes to the mission of Blessings of Hope by enabling the sourcing and redistributing of available food to the hungry while reducing food waste. Your support helps at-risk families in your community receive love, care, hope, and Jesus. It also helps to spread the word beyond the borders of your community.

Blessings of Hope has been blessed to experience steady growth due to the relentless love and support from YOU and our volunteers. In the same way the stars and stripes promote discussions about the past and future of our country, we hope these new t-shirts will promote discussions about our mission. A Hope T-shirt could spark interest from people who have never heard of Blessings of Hope.

You are invited to purchase a new Hope T-shirt and join the team in wearing and spreading Hope this summer. You can become a walking, living testament together with many of the staff and volunteers. Remember, purchasing a shirt helps combat 2 of the world’s biggest issues—hunger and food waste—and what a great cause to support as you wear one of these comfy shirts!

This summer let’s seize the opportunity together to stand against the grain, believing for change in a world that lacks hope. Let’s be the light of the world and spread hope, love, and above all, unity through the Gospel.

Summer Greetings,

Blessings of Hope

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