The Numbers Are Still Coming In

What an exceptional three days we shared at this year’s iCare event! The remarkable generosity and fellowship flowed from your hearts the whole weekend, speaking to the powerful bonds that unite the mission of Blessings of Hope. Here are some of the exceptional results from iCare. We want you to know the tremendous impact that your contributions will have on furthering the mission of feeding the hungry and bringing hope to the hurting.

The formal banquet was Thursday evening, filling the air with love, laughter, and lively discussions. We had a great turnout selling enough tickets to fill 43 beautifully adorned tables. The melodies of Daughters of Hope echoed on Friday while the 247 diners who bought all-you-can-eat-beef wristband passes savored the delightful assortment of foods, each bite contributing to the cause. On Saturday, the excitement peaked. We relished Fannie’s famous handmade soft pretzels and savored the hearty all-you-can-eat menu with 203 dedicated supporters purchasing wristband passes. Between these delightful activities, our spirited auction raised a staggering $129,071! Throughout the three-day event, 77 newly designed merch shirts and 10 hats were sold, adding another cherished memory of iCare and spreading Hope each time we  spotted one.

The generosity didn’t stop there. Your donations continued to pour in through the friendly competition of 19 cornhole teams raising a total of $950 from our First Annual Cornhole Tournament. Every penny of these proceeds will fuel the mission of Blessings of Hope, helping to source and distribute food to local high-risk communities, and becoming a beacon of hope for the hungry and the hurting.

Our gratitude overflows toward those who graced us with their presence during this year’s iCare event. We appreciate your time and the effort you took to attend. This includes those who generously contributed as sponsors, donors, friends and family. Additionally, we want to express our profound gratitude toward the remarkable team members and volunteers whose unwavering efforts propelled this event into an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus, for embracing our mission, and for helping spread hope through food. Your support enables Blessings of Hope to extend love, care, and nourishment to countless people across America, one meal at a time. The current tally for this entire weekend is more than $200,000 toward transforming lives and witnessing miracles unfold. In looking forward to the rest of 2023, your example of carrying a spirit of generosity and hope shows just how much can be achieved together.

Thank You Again,

Blessings of Hope

Check Out the Pictures of All the

iCare 5K Run Finishers


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