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What an incredible time we had at the Blessings of Hope iCare Community Event 2023. Each and every moment was a testament to our vision and mission, showcasing the incredible love and unwavering spirit of this community. There was fellowship, feasting on an array of delightful foods, and hearts were filled with the joy of Jesus.

One of the event’s crowning moments was undoubtedly the 5K race. The turnout this year was nothing short of astounding, with participants from every generation lacing up their running shoes. A heartwarming highlight was iCare runner, Tara Klick, who shared this special day racing side by side with her mother and nephew. Blessings of Hope is committed to a generational impartation for entire families who serve and give and even run together. The day was full of families doing life together.

Another story unfolded during the race on Saturday. Sadie Liz, one of our valiant runners from Haven of Hope had a mishap. Even after spraining her ankle during the race, Sadie didn’t quit. She held onto her unwavering spirit and persevered, crossing the finish line with a smile of triumph. Sadie is a shining example of hope and courage in the midst of difficulties, serving as inspiration to those around her. Sadie’s story shows how faith in Jesus helps us harbor hope and muster courage when faced with daunting challenges. You need not look any further than Sadie if you seek inspiration on what it truly means to rest in God and have faith in the face of adversity.

Throughout the event, we didn’t just have fun, we came together. Everyone savored Fannie’s hand-made soft pretzels and felt drawn in by the aroma of the all-you-can-eat beef dinner. But more than that, we came together to combat food waste, food insecurity, and to be the hands and feet of Jesus for others.

While reflecting on these sweet moments, it is good to remember the bonds that were created and bonds that were strengthened. Every single person that is part of the Blessings of Hope family has a critical role in spreading the Gospel of Jesus, and giving hope to the suffering. Thank you for your dedication, commitment, love and support, and for helping to make iCare 2023 the success we envisioned it to be. Stay tuned for more iCare updates next week with our fundraising totals and more!

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