Partnering Together for Hope

Blessings of Hope works together with more than a thousand ministries and organizations to bring hope through food to those in need. One of these partners is Barnabas Aid and we want you to hear about this connection from our friend John Connell.

Barnabas Aid, an international aid ministry based in Lancaster PA, is incredibly blessed by the partnership that has developed with Blessings of Hope over this last year. The shared vision of dehydrating food to provide shelf-stable, nutrient-rich food to suffering Christians around the world is one that has been on the hearts of both organizations for decades. In the Fall of 2022, we gifted a dehydrator to Blessings of Hope to provide a means for their incredible volume of fresh food to be preserved and packaged. On receipt, the food can be reconstituted as a simple soup or stew mixture with all the nutrients needed in disaster-struck and impoverished countries. Barnabas Aid has developed an incredible network of local Christian church connections and Christian logistics organizations worldwide which ensures the aid is received by our brothers and sisters in Christ. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Blessings of Hope as we collectively seek to provide hope through aid in the years to come.

John Connell

Marketing and Network Manager

Barnabas Aid

Blessings of Hope is currently in a test phase, learning how to best utilize the dehydrator. We are developing a process to be able to efficiently convert fresh food into nutritious meals before it is lost to spoilage. Each type of produce requires specific prep and varied dehydrating times. We are hoping to be able to send our first shipment of dehydrated foods to Haiti in September. We will keep you posted.

Partnering with hope,

Blessings of Hope 


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