Meet Some of Our People

One of our volunteers at the Leola location, Sheron, let us in on the reasons she volunteers and why she chooses Blessings of Hope for giving her time. Sheron is retired and felt she needed a purpose. She decided she wanted to give back to the community and her service at Blessings of Hope allows her to do that. She loves the environment at her regular shifts, how everyone works together as a team, and how kind and friendly all the staff and other volunteers are. Sheron enjoys working with such a great group of people. She has a soft spot in her heart for those who are hungry, especially women and children. Blessings of Hope is a perfect fit for Sheron’s heart.

Katrina volunteers in the Ministry Selection Center in Lancaster and her favorite thing to do is unload the skids, then stock and organize the shelves. Her husband provides well for their family, allowing her to be able to spend time volunteering in the community. She has seen Blessings of Hope, as an organization, expand so much since she started volunteering on a regular basis. She enjoys her interactions with the crowds of people, both fellow volunteers and staff as well as the partner ministries and voucher recipients who come in to select food for their families. Her favorite thing is seeing the grateful faces of the people she is able to help.

Blessings of Hope is proud and grateful for the multitude of volunteers who make our mission possible. Each one of our volunteers knows that we could not do what we do without them. 

Thank you and bless you all,

Blessings of Hope


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