Dehydrated Food Update!


We have an update on the dehydrated soup mixes that shipped to Haiti in September. As you may remember, our dedicated volunteers spent 9 months prepping, chopping, and dehydrating vegetables until we had 2 skids of soup blend to send to Haiti. 8 mission groups each received 25 3-gallon food buckets for 200 total containers, or 600 gallons of food delivered to Port Au Prince, Cape Hatien, and Pignon.

Volunteers and staff are currently working on the next batch, which will likely be shipped to either Ukraine or Israel. Our commercial dehydrator fits 32 trays per rack and has 8 racks so we can dehydrate 256 total trays of food at a time, and it takes an average of 10 hours to dehydrate vegetables each time we run the dehydrator. So far, onions, sweet potatoes, and carrots totaling over 1 skid has been prepped for the next shipment.

Dehydrated Food | The Impact of a Donation

One day, a volunteer was chatting with our Volunteer Director after his shift at East Petersburg had just ended. He asked what vegetable would be ideal to dehydrate next and she responded, “Carrots would be great for this time of year.” Later that day, he returned with 2,200 pounds of carrots to donate!

The gentleman pictured below standing beside two buckets of soup blend is a school director and has 1,000 kids from preschool to high school age to feed. School children are receiving the soup for school lunch.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who contributed to our dehydration efforts. People were blessed with 19,000+ meals in Haiti because of your help! Be someone’s hero to help us combat world hunger! Click HERE to give a one time or recurring gift today or HERE to sign up for a volunteer shift.

We are grateful for your help! Sincerely, Blessings of Hope

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