A Story of Transformation

Dear Friends,

Today, I want to share with you a story that exemplifies the transformative power of your generosity. Meet Missy*—a young woman whose early life challenges led her down a path of hardship and survival through means that one hopes to never encounter. Missy used to struggle to make ends meet. She made some unhealthy choices to make money at a young age and then began to abuse substances as a coping mechanism. One day she found the line for free food at LifeSeeds International’s outreach in Harrisburg, PA where she selected some food.

She wondered why are they giving away food for free? Yet she returned week after week, eventually accepting Christ as her Savior and TODAY she doesn’t miss a day. She leads the volunteer team in giving out food, she jumps right in and freely speaks to the place she was, offering those she meets a story of HOPE, transformation, and the love of Christ.

Your contributions have fostered a sanctuary of hope for many like Missy. Through your kindness, she not only found sustenance but also discovered a calling. Now, Missy is a beacon of hope, leading the volunteer team with vigor and empathy, sharing her experience of transformation to light the way for others in despair.

There are many more stories out there like Missy’s. Can we count on you to be someone’s hero? Please make a gift TODAY!

Thank you for helping your neighbors, Blessings of Hope

*Name changed to protect identity.

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