Would You Want to Be Involved?

If you knew that for less than the cost of a latte every day for a month, you could help feed hungry people from inner-city, homeless communities, would you want to be involved?

At Blessings of Hope we have a plan to finance outreaches for inner-city communities who cannot afford the food deliveries they so desperately need. We are looking for 1,000 partners able to donate $100 each month to help finance our Outreach Support Fund. We already have access to thousands of tons of food and we have thousands of available volunteers. What we need is funds to process, transport and deliver the food to the inner-city communities we work with.

We are also looking for 100 partners able to donate $1,000 each month toward the Outreach Support Fund. Your partnership gives you the opportunity to have a social and economic impact on inner-city missions through feeding the hungry. You could change the trajectory of lives you would not be able to reach any other way. This is part of Blessings of Hope, an organization you already trust to steward resources and finish well.

You can make a difference. This is an opportunity to show the grace of God to individuals who are in need, both physically and spiritually. You can rest in the knowledge you are a piece of the bridge that is reducing the massive food waste and food insecurity issues plaguing our nation. Your generosity will be feeding inner-city communities who are struggling, without access to nutrition-packed foods. 

Take some time to consider joining Blessings of Hope in a partnership that will reap eternal rewards as you ‘lay up treasures in heaven’ through our Outreach Support Fund.

You can join us today by choosing a partnership level below:

Foundation Partner – 100 donors giving $1,000/month

Outreach Partner – 1000 donors giving $100/month

Join with us,

Blessings of Hope


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