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What happens when a small church (a few hundred members) from an inner-city area sponsors a food outreach and a thousand people show up? Most of the time, they are overwhelmed and dramatically short of the needed supplies. You may not be aware, but this happens on a regular basis. Unfortunately, doing frequent outreaches takes a toll on small churches who can’t afford it on their own. Yet, the concentrated populations of the inner cities are where the need is greatest. Because we know the importance of delivering the Hope of the Gospel while feeding the hungry in our nation, Blessings of Hope sponsors as many of these outreaches as we are able. Today, we are inviting you to partner with us financially to help cover the cost of regular outreaches into inner-city communities! Join Blessings of Hope by becoming a partner in our Outreach Support Fund.

Whether you decide to be a Foundation Partner or an Outreach Partner (see the details below), your participation will open the door to transform lives through God’s blessings and hope. Working together in the community, for the community, we will ALL be able to accomplish more. This is a partnership. We value your experience and success, and we believe that side by side we can make a difference. You have an opportunity to belong to something that is bigger than any individual person or single organization. Through the Outreach Support Fund at Blessings of Hope, you will be supplying inner-city ministries all over the Mid-Atlantic region with high quality, nourishing food.

Please take time to seek the Lord about partnering with Blessings of Hope to empower cities and communities with food to transform lives. You can be part of sending 625,000 additional meals each month to inner-city families in need. Your charitable giving can reap physical and spiritual rewards every month. Thank you for your gracious consideration. 

You can join us today by choosing a partnership level below. 


Blessings of Hope

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