What Gift Can I Bring?

The Little Drummer Boy wanted to give a gift to the Savior lying in a manger, but he had nothing to give. Then he remembered he had the gift of his heart and his expression of gratefulness was his song. We don’t all have a song, but we do have many things in and around our homes that we could give to make this holiday season hopeful for many without hope. Blessings of Hope is able to receive donations in kind through Idonate turning your physical items into food, distributed to the hungry. The process is not difficult and can serve two purposes.

What if you were to donate that old car you parked out by the shed 3 years ago? Wouldn’t it be lovely to turn it into a donation for Blessings of Hope? You could help the hungry this season AND clean up your yard. Click here to connect with our giving page where you can donate physical assets, vehicles, gift cards, jewelry and nearly anything else of value around the house. This holiday season, look around at the items you own, but have no intention of using again. Your unused items could potentially be used to feed hungry families instead of taking up space in your closets. Check out our website today and give a Christmas gift that will make a difference in a family’s life this season.

Giving What We Have,

Blessings of Hope

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