This Time Last Year

When a new year comes around, it is common to look back on what was happening at this time last year. It is also a time to look forward, considering what you would like to see happen by this time next year. At Blessings of Hope we are doing those things and we are inviting you to come with us as we look back and then look forward. It is encouraging to celebrate victories and share dreams and goals with those who are walking alongside us in life and ministry.

This time last year, Blessings of Hope, was sending staff, volunteers and supplies to Kentucky after the tornados in December 2021 devastated communities near our KY facility. Our wisdom and experience in logistics and food management made our presence extremely valuable to the communities needing everything from drinking water, clothing, fuel and so much more. Disaster relief has a different dynamic than our daily process, but much of what was needed in Kentucky is part of our regular skill set. 

Blessings of Hope routinely receives bulk shipments that we are able to break down into manageable sizes for our ministry partners to distribute. During disaster relief, bulk shipments of every kind are sent to the affected area, almost from the moment the disaster hits. Because our systems are proven and highly efficient, we were able to receive disaster aid from across the country, organize and sort it effectively, making it quickly available to those in need. It was a privilege to be ready and available to give and serve and encourage during this crisis.

Looking forward, Blessings of Hope keeps non-perishable items ready for quick response to future disasters. We are continually interacting with other partner ministries to improve our processes and our ability to supply and serve where needed. We are also anticipating the change that dehydration will bring to disaster and hunger relief. Our new dehydration system will allow us to store larger quantities of perishables for longer periods of time and transport them over greater distances. Whether the need is daily, during a crisis or after a disaster, we want to be ready. Thank you for joining us in our mission to feed the hungry and give hope to the hurting. 

Looking forward,

Blessings of Hope

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