Blessed to Be a Blessing

It is an amazing privilege to serve the Lord together. Blessings of Hope volunteers bring joy and kindness and hope wherever they are found. We see more than 1,000 volunteers each week spread across multiple locations and outreaches. To serve the equivalent of 60,000 meals every day, we are grateful for all the help we receive. And beyond that, we are happy to be able to bless our volunteers with food for their families or to share with others.

Recently, we heard about one of our regular volunteers and how she continues to bless others even after her shifts are done. The other day she gave away her flat of eggs to someone in the Ministry Selection Center who had arrived after the eggs were gone for the day. This same volunteer serves on shifts 4 times a week and gives 3 of her 4 vouchers to people who are in need. We hear these stories day after day and they increase the gratitude in our hearts for the people God sends to us.

We are blessed with amazing, generous volunteers. We are blessed with ministry partners who work with us to distribute food in their communities. We are blessed with a staff who desires to see the end of world hunger. We are blessed with donors who come alongside us to see the mission of Blessings of Hope fulfilled. And we are blessed to have a calling from the Lord Jesus Christ and His provision to see lives blessed.

We are greatly blessed,

Blessings of Hope

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