Thousands of Pounds of Apples to Reduce Hunger!

This week, Blessings of Hope teamed up with another nonprofit organization whose goal is to see a world without hunger. The Farmlink Project has a mission to share surplus food with food pantries to stop food waste. To that end, they offered nearly 200 semi loads (8 million pounds) of apples to any nonprofit in the area who can use them. Each semi load that Blessings of Hope can ultimately get into the hands of the hungry contains about 40,000 pounds of apple

Receiving these apples takes us back to our roots. In the early days of Blessings of Hope we prayed for an apple tree and God gave us an orchard full of apples to pick. We picked apples for days and utilized them in so many ways, including applesauce, apple cider, and apple pie filling. Fast forward to today and the plans include dehydrating apples for a delicious snack as well as partnering with a local farmer to make gallons and gallons of apple cider.

Here’s a recipe suggestion from our very own Fannie Beiler:

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