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To effectively serve our Partner Ministries, we set up large Ministry Selection Centers where you can select the items needed for your nonprofit ministry. Our reclamation process sources products from many diverse suppliers for the sole purpose of empowering others to be the “Hands and Feet of Jesus”. 

Our Partner Ministries receive Blessings of Hope Access Cards upon registration and scan it each time they come to select food. The first 2 cards are given at no charge, additional cards are $10.00 each. Blessings of Hope is a private establishment not open to the public. Food is available with a Voucher or Ministry Access Card only.

All food selected by our Partner Ministries and Non-Profit Organizations is to be given away in good faith at no cost to the recipients. Food received from Blessings of Hope is not to be sold or bartered for any reason. All products are free, but we ask our partners to help with our operational costs by paying a handling/service fee.

Handling & Service Fees

$0.31 per pound handling fee for all food you take from Blessings of Hope.

$0.40 per pound if we do extra work to prepare products for International Shipping.

Locations & Hours

To see our selection center locations and operating hours, check out our Locations page

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