Love Changes Everything

Blessings of Hope can confidently say, we have been obedient to the Lord in implementing strategies that continually make our food processing system more efficient and effective. Our Ministry Selection Center model is nearly self-supporting, making more resources available for inner-city missions and international aid. Ending World Hunger may seem like an unattainable goal to reach for, but the goal is not our motivation. Love is our motivation and LOVE changes everything. 

Blessings of Hope could do all the things we do every day, but if we did things for any reason other than LOVE we would just be running around, making a lot of noise. The value of feeding the hungry and blessing the hopeless is increased exponentially by the love of God and the power of His presence in every phase. Those who schedule volunteers, who unload and reload trucks, who sort and organize and catalog and administrate, all do what they do for the love of Christ and spreading His Word. Likewise, those who give, give to be an intricate part of blessing and serving and loving others in the best way possible. Love is our motivation and love changes everything.


Blessings of Hope


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