How You Can Help During World Hunger Day

Every year on May 28th, Blessings of Hope—along with many others in the world—takes the time to help bring awareness to World Hunger Day. While we work hard to fight hunger every day, we like to join in the initiative to spread even more awareness wherever we can.

Through our local outreach programs, the partnerships we have with ministries and local businesses, and our Hands of Hope program, Blessings of Hope distributes an average of 58,000 meals per day to help fight world hunger. If you’re wondering how you can help as well, keep reading!

What Is World Hunger Day?

As an initiative that was started by The Hunger Project, World Hunger Day works as “an innovative, holistic approach that tackles all” of the issues related to hunger and poverty. But instead of offering handouts, World Hunger Day works hard to empower people and lift them up “to become the agents of their own development and lift their communities above the poverty line for good.” And this is precisely what Blessings of Hope is about as well.

Through kindness and God, Blessings of Hope works hard to provide a place where large corporations can efficiently donate their excess food to the community to help fight hunger. All of the food we receive goes directly to feeding our community, but we also use our programs to help hungry families or individuals get back on their feet. The goal isn’t to continuously feed hungry people, but to one day end that hunger altogether. Our food bank is the tool—experiencing God is the goal.

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What You Can Do to Help

World Hunger Day gives us all the opportunity to work together to raise awareness of hunger around the world, but also shine a light on the issue right here in our local communities.

We want to live in a world where 1 out of 4 children isn’t struggling to get enough to eat. A world where 1 out of 6 Americans isn’t at risk for hunger. A place where sharing and gifts of love are the norm. That’s the world we’re working to create, and every little bit of support you can offer helps us get there!

Whether that’s through volunteering at our facility, working with your ministry to distribute food, or by simply making a monetary donation, you’re helping us fight world hunger. Contact us to learn more about how you can help—we’ll win this battle together.

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