Outreach Support Fund

About this Campaign

Be a part of inner-city ministry through the Outreach Support Fund

Your donations empower Blessings of Hope to serve underprivileged families and individuals that live, work, and play throughout the city.  We send truckloads of excess food to inner city ministries who can’t afford to pay our regular handling fee. Our handling fees at the Ministry Selection Centers help cover our operational costs, but there is still a need to fund the Outreach Support Fund on a monthly basis to cover the costs of sending semi truckloads of food to inner cities.
100 financial partners who donate $1,000 each month, and 1,000 financial partners who donate $100 each month would give Blessings of Hope a base of $200,000 in recurring monthly revenue, empowering your donations to bless thousands of people with hope in the form of food.  We estimate this fund will give us the capacity to distribute an additional 625,000 meals each month to the inner-city areas where the need is greatest. Your participation will open the door to transform lives through God’s grace and hope in Jesus Christ!
Please consider partnering with us in the Outreach Support Fund to empower the distribution of 625,000 additional meals each month. 

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