Outreach Support Fund

About this Campaign

Empower ministries and serve underprivileged communities!

With the help of our donors we were able to send 591 truckloads of food to inner city ministries in 2023.
591 Outreaches
97 Cities Impacted
9,000,000 Meals

We’re looking for partners who will sponsor a certain number of meals per month to help us increase these numbers.

Your donations empower Blessings of Hope to serve underprivileged families and individuals that live, work, and play throughout the city. We send truckloads of excess food to inner city ministries who can’t afford to pay our regular handling fee. Our handling fees at the Ministry Selection Centers help cover our operational costs, but there is still a need to fund the Outreach Support Fund on a monthly basis to cover the costs of sending semi truckloads of food to inner cities.

An estimated 60 million tons, or 30-40% of food produced in America is wasted each year. Yet, 50 million people in America, or 12.5% of US households, are affected by food insecurity. One problem solves the other, but we need the funds to send excess food to people in need. Become a monthly giving partner today to feed inner city communities with nutrition packed food. Together we can create a better future for underprivileged communities and empower them to thrive.

Please consider partnering with us monthly in the Outreach Support Fund to empower the distribution of 625,000 additional meals each month.

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