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In 2013 Blessings of Hope distributed over 3 million pounds of food to other Food Banks, Ministries, Churches, and Individuals. Our weekly outreach consists of approximately 600 banana boxes of food to needy families per week.

Statistics show:

  • America produces twice as much food per person as needed
  • More than 40% of food produced in America is not eaten, that amounts to over 29 million tons of food wasted each year.
  • Nationwide, food makes up 17% of what we send to landfills
  • Wasted food costs America OVER $100 Billion annually
  • In 2008 nearly 50 million people in America -including almost one child in four- struggled to get enough to eat
  • 1 out of every 6 Americans are at risk for hunger


The Vision for Blessings of Hope: We are building a food distribution network that is able to receive large quantities of food and distribute to food ministries in manageable quantities.

BOH Cooler

The Mission for Blessings of Hope: To package, distribute, and share food with food banks, ministries, churches, and individuals committed to building relationships in their communities through food and acts of love.

In 2013 we were blessed to get our 38×58 ft. cooler and our 21×21 ft. freezer setup and running.

BOH Outreach

Contact Aaron Fisher at: 717-824-1227 with questions about Blessings of Hope food ministry.

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