Sometimes, as we live our lives and care for our families, we are given opportunities to reach outside our daily routine. If you were to see someone hungry on the street, would you know where to send them for food? On a different level, if you had the opportunity to help end hunger in your city, would you know what to do? On an even bigger scale, what if you could help end World Hunger, would you want to be involved? At Blessings of Hope we have these opportunities open to us every day and you can be involved by giving a generous donation to enable Blessings of Hope to do what we do best, feed the hungry.

This Spring, at our iCare Fundraiser Banquet, you can hear what the Lord has been doing through Blessings of Hope since the beginning. You will hear of miracles involving multiple warehouses, ministry partnerships, thousands of volunteers, disaster relief in Ukraine and Mayfield, KY, and shipping across state lines and oceans. We want to tell you our story and let you become involved in the story of feeding the hungry and helping the hurting. On the evening of June 2, we want to invite you to our banquet. If you are unable to attend you still have the opportunity to be involved. Click for banquet tickets or to give a generous donation toward our mission.

Thank you tremendously,

Blessings of Hope

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