In our regular day to day lives, we rarely stop to think how much we enjoy driving on our street, or how welcoming our neighborhood feels when we come home. We all have memories and feelings that we associate with places where we grew up and places full of happy times. A natural disaster, such as the tornadoes that devastated parts of Kentucky in December 2021, carries a great deal of emotional trauma as well as property damage. It is not only the physical loss, which is great, but there is also the loss of places which hold memories and feelings that are part of life. 

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At Blessings of Hope we are able to do much more than feed victims of tragedy. Our team from the Kentucky unit has been a daily reminder to those in need that there are people who care. We have listened to their stories while we distributed relief supplies to meet their daily needs. We have walked through their damaged neighborhoods and showed them the love of Christ. We are grateful every day for the generosity that allows us to walk into places that are full of trauma to bring peace and grace and blessing.

Bringing Peace,

Blessings of Hope