There is a great deal more involved with sending relief aid than simply packing and shipping items. Especially when shipping internationally, there must be solid connections for receiving in foreign ports and transferring to the overland leg of the journey. When an international crisis happens, like the war in Ukraine, the thieves, traffickers and con artists show up on the borders as fast as the relief workers. We have taken our time establishing contacts through friends of friends of friends to assure the containers we ship will get to the people they are intended to help.

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Blessings of Hope is beginning a campaign to raise the money to send 18 container loads of food to Ukraine relief. The cost will be $260,000 and we are hoping to be able to ship very soon. You have certainly seen the overwhelming support for Ukraine throughout the world. We are stepping up to do what we can to supply believers on the ground who are meeting the needs of those who are displaced and far from their home and family. Click HERE for a direct link to the Ukraine relief effort. Your generous gift will go directly to packing, shipping and delivering food to the war torn refugees of Ukraine. Text UKRAINE to 717-910-3663

Thank you,

Blessings of Hope