Sharing is Caring

Sharing and Giving are what the holiday season brings to mind and Hope is what we are all about, all year long. We believe what a four-year old said the other day, “Sharing is Caring.” Blessings of Hope spends each day caring for those in our community, around the state, in our nation and beyond who are hungry and need a reason to hope. And we would like to share some opportunities for you to give the gift of hope during this holiday season. ‘Tis the season for sharing hope.

Most of you are probably aware that Blessings of Hope raises over half of our annual financial contributions in the last quarter of the year. This year, our year-end fundraising goal is $1,874,869. We believe, if people come together and donate what they can, there is more than enough financial support available. 

While you are making your year-end giving plans, please prayerfully consider Blessings of Hope. Your generous gift will help ensure that many children receive 3 meals a day. A donation today will help us distribute groceries during this holiday season to families who are in distress.

The food donations we receive are just the beginning. After we repackage bulk foods, we deliver the food in manageable quantities to community partners who are then able to distribute high quality food to those who are hungry. When you give, you are helping Blessings of Hope supply food pantries all over the Mid-Atlantic region. You are touching millions of lives. Thank you for your help.

Sharing is Caring,

Blessings of Hope


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