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Planned Giving to Support Our Nonprofit Food Bank

Provided through Everence Charitable Services

Planned giving is one of the best ways to increase your impact, carry out your charitable wishes, and receive possible tax advantages.

Your generous support will help Blessings of Hope empower large food distributors to efficiently donate their excess product to provide the gift of food and the experience of God throughout the community.

What can you give?

Cash is a common gift, but you can also donate many other assets, sometimes with significant tax advantages. These can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, farm commodities, life insurance, IRAs, and other retirement accounts, coins, toys, stamps, and other collections.

What gifts help now?

Donor advised funds
You may donate cash or other assets (see above) to your own personal donor advised fund. The asset is usually sold and the money is then available for distribution to Blessings of Hope at any time you wish. This tool is particularly advantageous for appreciated assets.

Family endowments
Individuals can give assets, including bequests, to establish a donor advised fund in your family name. It is an alternative to a private foundation. The family decides together about annual charitable distributions, and as a result, establishes a legacy of giving.

Charitable lead trusts
This arrangement provides current income from your gifted assets to Blessings of Hope for a period of time, but returns the assets to you or your heirs.

What gifts help later?

Charitable bequest plans
Indicate in your will, or by beneficiary designation, that a portion of your assets should be left as a bequest to Blessings of Hope. A bequest may simplify your estate and reduce estate and inheritance taxes. FIND OUT MORE

Life insurance
Give an existing policy or apply for a new one, of which Everence Foundation is both owner and beneficiary. Annual premiums can be paid through your donor advised fund and Blessings of Hope will receive the life insurance proceeds upon your death.

Retained life interest
You give your home or farm while continuing to live on the property for your lifetime. You receive an immediate tax deduction, and the property is sold at your passing, with the proceeds distributed according to your charitable recommendations.

What gifts give back to you?

Gift annuities
You may give cash or securities and in return, you receive guaranteed lifetime annuity payments at a fixed rate. At the end of your lifetime, the remainder goes to Blessings of Hope. Immediate or deferred annuities are available. FIND OUT MORE

Charitable remainder trusts
A gift of real estate or securities is received into a trust, converted to cash and invested. You receive income from the trust, and the remainder goes to Blessings of Hope after you pass away.

Working together
Gift plans are offered by Everence Charitable Services, administered by Everence Trust Company and/or Everence Foundation, a donor-advised foundation that has served individuals, congregations and institutions since 1952.

Everence Foundation
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To find out more about planned giving opportunities, please contact David Lapp at Blessings of Hope by calling 717-725-3533 or via email.