We have finally been able to clear the race track at the fairgrounds of approximately 600 skids of water and hand sanitizer. The horse trainers are happy to be able to use the track again. That was a big deal! Everything that was on the track was reorganized and transferred to the main gravel lot in the front of the fairgrounds. We moved several storage containers up front as well, making the best use of the space and keeping the area organized and clean.

Inside the warehouse, Aaron and John keep things humming. Our team is in a continual state of reorganizing, sorting, and cleaning because of the steady flow of donations. Clothes, tools, hygiene, heaters, food, and more flow in throughout the week. The generosity is overwhelming and seems to be unending!

In the distribution warehouse, individuals and families come in daily to pick out clothes and other household items they need. Outside in the pavilion, skid after skid of food is being given away. People are being blessed. We are working with the local constable and plan on taking food, toilet paper, paper towels, blankets, and toys to people residing in the state parks. These are low income residents who don’t have cars and are unable to come themselves for supplies.

Our Kentucky warehouse location has been invaluable from the very beginning. Currently we are responsible for 80 plus tractor loads of product. Blessings of Hope is taking over the organization and distribution of donations from all other the country.

You cannot know how grateful we are for the generosity of our donors.You make it possible for Blessings of Hope to meet the needs of those who are hungry and in distress. If you are looking for a way to continue to bless the vulnerable residents of Kentucky while they get back on their feet, click here.


Thank You

Blessings of Hope