Often, news stories chronicle disasters with images of the greatest devastation they can record. After the third day, we rarely see any more news coming from that area. For the general public, the rule “out of sight, out of mind” means we either think everyone is all good again or we don’t think about it at all. At Blessings of Hope the first day of disaster, whether physical, financial or emotional, means we set the process of bringing hope into action. By becoming a Neighbors Helping Neighbors monthly donor, you can bless your neighbor who is in desperate need from the first day of distress, all the way through until the day they are back on their feet. Here is an excerpt from a report on Day 3 after the KY tornadoes:

As a Neighbors Helping Neighbors monthly donor, you become the Good Samaritan helping someone in need. Your monthly gift gives Blessings of Hope the ability to respond instantly to the needs of those in dire circumstances. The process is user friendly and allows you to auto-give every month at the time and amount you designate. We cannot do what we do without you coming alongside us, doing your part. Thank you for prayerfully considering whether you will join our Neighbors Helping Neighbors monthly giving program. We are grateful for your help and it is never taken for granted.

 Neighbors Together,

 Blessings of Hope