When natural disasters strike, there is always more devastation than what we see in the news footage showing blocks of rubble and loss. People who have lost their homes have often also lost their livelihood. They are not only homeless and without most of their material goods, but they have no way to provide for their family since their place of business was leveled to the ground as well. Disaster relief involves a great deal more than providing temporary supplies and shelter. It also involves being near until some possibility of recovery begins to take place. 

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Our Blessings of Hope team is still on the ground in Kentucky, bringing supplies, help and hope to those families struggling to get the shattered pieces of their lives back together. As the time moves further away from the date of the disaster, the volunteers and funds also begin to move away, but the need is still very real. We are asking that you prayerfully consider continuing to give generously toward the disaster relief effort in Kentucky. Every gift matters and we are daily grateful for your help. Click HERE for a direct connection to your opportunity to give someone hope.

Thank You Sincerely,

Blessings of Hope