Have you ever watched the news detail a terrible natural disaster and all the devastation it caused, but you were at a loss as to what you could do to help? Your current circumstances kept you from being able to join a crew headed to the location and you weren’t sure where you could send money to ensure it reached the families who needed it most. At Blessings of Hope we endeavor to be ready to send survival supplies to a disaster site at a moment’s notice. Through our Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, your monthly support would allow you to help families in great need wherever and whenever disaster strikes.

In early December, when a tornado devastated areas of Kentucky, Blessings of Hope was able to respond immediately. The morning after we shipped food and supplies needed to come alongside support crews and to feed those who found themselves homeless and hopeless in a matter of seconds. As a Neighbors Helping Neighbors monthly donor, you can help even when you cannot be physically present. Your generous support will help transport and distribute essential items to those in need, whether during a natural disaster, a financial crisis or combating food insecurity every day. Thank you for taking the time to consider the value of becoming a Neighbors Helping Neighbors donor. Click the link below for more information and hover over the QR code to see a testimony from Kentucky.

Your neighbor,

Blessings of Hope