Even What is Lost

Blessings of Hope endeavors to be good stewards of everything we are given. We receive food that otherwise would end up in the dump and are able to repackage and redistribute it to people suffering from food insecurity. We sometimes receive produce that is close to spoiling, but we salvage what is edible and compost what is not. Nothing is wasted. We are even looking into the possibility of converting organic waste into fuel (more on this coming soon).

Recently we received a testimony concerning something tossed aside that still wasn’t wasted. 

We feel the Lord has given us a mission to feed the hungry and give hope to the hurting. We are grateful that the Lord continues to give us creative, innovative ways to keep doing what we do. We are also grateful that every box gets where it needs to go, bringing Blessings of Hope wherever it ends up. Visit our website for more testimonies. https://blessingsofhope.com/testimonials

Stewarding the Kingdom,

Blessings of Hope


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