While we watch the situation in Ukraine become more and more serious, there are those among our friends who have actually experienced a Russian invasion before. A pastor currently living in the city of Melitopol, Ukraine was living in Crimea when Russian troops invaded and took over the territory in 2014. He and his family have remained in the city of Melitopol even though it was one of the first cities to receive insurgents during the current invasion. They have been using their own personal resources to support community members in evacuation and in feeding those who are staying behind.

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Blessings of Hope has currently shipped 4 containers of relief supplies with a goal to send 18 containers of food and supplies into regions where millions of people are displaced, homeless, hopeless and helpless. Through our connections with friends in other ministries, who are doing the best they can with the supplies they can locate, we hope to help ease burdens and give hope in a time of desperation and destruction. Please prayerfully consider giving toward this disaster relief effort. You can click the link below to connect directly with our Ukraine Relief giving page. We are grateful for your generosity and for your trust in the integrity of this ministry. We cannot do what we do without you. Thank You.

Supporting the hurting,

Blessings of Hope